(A)   To comply with the provisions of the Cal. Sts. & High. Code, the special fund of the city known as the “Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund” heretofore established and maintained by the city as a special fund as required by the provisions of Cal. Sts. & High. Code, § 2113, and other sections, shall continue as a special fund of the city.
(`67 Code, § 3-7-1)
   (B)   All monies received by the city from the Highway Users Tax Fund of the State of California shall be deposited in the special fund and all monies in the special fund shall be expended exclusively for the purposes authorized by and subject to all of the provisions of Cal. Sts. & High. Code, §§ 2100 et seq. and related statutes.
(`67 Code, § 3-7-2)  (Ord. 67-8, passed 11-1-67)