§ 31.03  CITY MANAGER.
   (A)   Position created.  Pursuant to Cal. Gov't Code § 34851, the City Council does hereby adopt the City Manager form of government. Wherever the term City Administrator appears in this code, it shall be construed to mean and include the term City Manager. The City Manager shall be appointed by the Council solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualification and ability, and shall hold office at and during the pleasure of the Council.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-1)  (Ord. 85-08, passed 7-22-85)
   (B)   Eligibility.  Any person appointed to this position shall reside within a reasonable distance to the city, pursuant to California's Constitution Article XI § 10(b). No person elected or appointed to membership on the Council shall, subsequent to such election or appointment, be eligible for appointment as City Manager until one year has elapsed after he has ceased to be a member of the Council.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-2)
   (C)   Bond.  The City Manager shall secure a corporate surety bond to be approved by the Council in such sum as may be determined by the Council and shall be conditioned on the faithful performance of the duties imposed on the City Manager as herein prescribed. Bond fee to be paid by the city.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-3)
   (D)   Absence. In case of an absence, disability or suspension of the City Manager, the Assistant City Manager shall perform the duties of the City Manager during this period of absence, disability, or suspension of the City Manager. During this time, the Assistant City Manager will receive a step increase in his or her base salary, or in the event the Assistant City Manager is at the top step, he or she shall receive a 5% base salary increase during the duration in which he or she is performing the duties of a City Manager.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-4)  (Ord. 228, passed 7-9-56; Am. Ord. 85-08, passed 7-22-85)
   (E)   Appointment; removal. The City Council shall appoint the City Manager for an indefinite term and may remove him or her at any time by a three member vote of the City Council. The City Manager serves at the pleasure of the City Council and can be removed from office according to the terms and conditions set forth in his or her employment agreement.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-5)  (Ord. 68-5, passed 10-28-68)
   (F)   Removal after municipal election. Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter, the City Manager shall not be removed from office during or within a period of 90 days next succeeding any general municipal election held in the city which a member of the City Council is elected; the purpose of this provision is to allow any newly elected member to the City Council or a reorganized City Council to observe the actions and ability of the City Manager in the performance of the powers and duties of his or her office. After the expiration of the 90-day period, the provisions of division (E), above, pertaining to the removal of the City Manager shall be effective.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-6)
   (G)   Compensation. The City Manager, or such person designated to perform his or her duties as provided in division (D) above shall receive such compensation as the City Council shall from time to time determine and fix, and the compensation shall be a proper charge against such funds of the city that the City Council shall designate. Additional compensation may be provided to the City Manager as determined by his or her employment agreement.
(`67 Code, § 1-5-7)
   (H)   Powers; duties. The City Manager shall be the administrative head of the city government under the direction and control of the City Council, except as otherwise provided. He or she shall be responsible for the effective administration of all the affairs of the city, which are under his or her control. In addition to his or her general powers as administrative head, not as a limitation thereof, it shall be his or her duty and he or she shall have the power:
      (1)   To accept full responsibility for all city activities, programs, and services, including directing the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and procedures; and ensure that established goals and priorities are achieved.
      (2)   To provide advice and consultation to the City Council on the development and implementation of city programs and services.
      (3)   To direct and participate in the preparation and administration of the city budget; prepare and submit to the City Council reports of finances and administrative activities; keep Council advised of financial conditions, program progress, and present and future needs of the city.
      (4)   To review and evaluate program service delivery methods and systems within the city, including administrative and support systems and internal relationships; identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes to standard operating procedures to enhance services.
      (5)   To coordinate the preparation of the agenda for the City Council; address the City Council on behalf of city staff; represent the City Council to employees, community groups, individual members of the public, and other governmental agencies; and respond to the most difficult complaints and requests for information.
      (6)   To direct the implementation, maintenance and enforcement of city personnel policies and practices as prescribed by the City Council; direct staff or serve as the chief negotiator in labor relations activities; select, supervise, train, and evaluate assigned staff.
      (7)   To work with the Assistant City Manager to confer with department heads and managers concerning administrative and operational problems, work plans, and strategic plans; make appropriate decisions or recommendations; and oversee the preparation and implementation of long-range plans for the city.
      (8)   To serve as a resource for the City Council, department personnel, city staff, other organizations and the public; and coordinate pertinent information, resources, and work-teams necessary to support a positive and productive environment.
      (9)   To perform all duties as prescribed by City Council actions; and direct the preparation of plans and specifications for work, which the City Council requests.
      (10)   To attend and participate in professional and community meetings as necessary; stay current on issues relative to public administration and relative service delivery responsibilities; respond to and resolve sensitive and complex community and organizational inquiries, issues, and complaints; and establish and maintain a customer services orientation within the city organization.
      (11)   To establish positive working relationships with representatives of community organizations, state/local agencies and associations, city management and staff, and the public.
      (12)   To appoint and remove any officers and employees of the city, except elected officers and their respective staffs.
      (13)   To attend all meetings of the City Council, unless excused by the City Council, except when his or her removal is under consideration by the City Council at a closed session of the City Council.
(Ord. 2008-011, passed 10-13-08; Am. Ord. 2017-001, passed 1-10-17)