§ 30.01  MEETINGS.
   Meetings of the Council shall be held in the building known as the "City Hall," located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Third Street and Santa Fe Street, and all regular meetings shall be held at such times as the Council shall fix by resolution, provided, however, that in the event the Council Chambers of the City Hall cannot be used temporarily as a meeting place for the City Council or in the event that attendance is expected to exceed the capacity of the Council Chamber, then and in that event City Council meetings shall be held in the Community Center, located at 3600 Santa Fe Street, Riverbank, California. Notice that the City Council meetings are being held temporarily in the Community Center shall be given by posting a notice to that effect on or near the Council Chambers door prior to the meetings. The City Council may hold additional meetings as it may deem necessary at any other place authorized by law.
(`67 Code, §1-6-1) (Ord. 77-16, passed 8-8-77; Am. Ord. 2008-010, passed 10-13-08)