This is to certify:
(a) That the following improvements as designed and engineered for Subdivision are complete and that inspection reports attested to by a Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor approved by showing them to be in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the Area Subdivision Code of Ripley County, Indiana, 1991;
(b) That surety has been posted to guarantee all materials and workmanship and to guarantee repair of any damage that may be inflicted upon the improvements listed in the course of completion of the subdivision; and
(c) That the Town Council, or (County Commissioners, as the case may be), has accepted these improvements and will henceforth be responsible for all maintenance on them subject to the terms of the maintenance agreement with the subdivider.
(List Improvements)
                                                                                                (Town Council)
                                                                                   , Indiana
Date:                                                , 20                .
(Or) Board of County Commissioners Ripley County, Indiana
                                                                                     Auditor of Ripley County
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)