(A)   The subdivider shall install approaches for each driveway connection to a street, with a hard surface between the street roadway surface and when the street is provided with curb and gutter the subdivider shall install curb returns on the driveways.
   (B)   Driveways shall be constructed so as not to impede the surface drainage system and, where curbs are not required, the subdivider shall provide one of the following types of improvement:
      (1)   A corrugated iron pipe at least 12 inches in diameter and at least 14 feet in length to be placed for each driveway approach; and
      (2)   A properly dipped or swaled concrete pavement 14 feet in length, at least six feet in width and six inches thick at the entrance to each driveway, designed so as not to create a hazard to the under parts of automobiles.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)