§ 155.069 SIDEWALKS.
   (A)   Wherever a proposed subdivision lies adjacent to or between other subdivisions which have been provided with sidewalks, or whenever the proposed subdivision will average more than two lots per gross acre included in the subdivision, the Commission shall required sidewalks to be installed on each side of the street. On streets in the vicinity of schools or other public buildings, which, in the Commission’s judgment, would be necessary for the safety and welfare of pedestrians, the Commission may require sidewalks.
   (B)   If sidewalks are provided, they shall be constructed of portland cement concrete, at least four inches thick and four feet wide, and the edge of walks adjacent to the property line of the street shall be placed at least one foot from the property line.
   (C)   If sidewalks are not provided, the street grade shall be completed so that additional grading would not be necessary for any future provision of sidewalks.
   (D)   Crosswalks within blocks, as required in § 155.027 of this chapter, shall be improved with at least a four-foot walk of portland cement of asphalt concrete four inches thick.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991; Ord. 2001-9, passed 7-9-2001)