The following specifications are hereby declared to be a part of this chapter by reference:
   (A)   Figure 1. Figure 1, shows the steps, procedures and requirements for obtaining primary and secondary approval of a plot of a subdivision;
   (B)   Figure 2. Figure 2, curb and gutter detail - types A, B and C;
   (C)   Figure 3. Figure 3, typical subdivisions of land for one-, two- and three-lot subdivisions set forth in § 155.003 of this chapter;
   (D)   Figure 4. Figure 4, typical subdivisions and other divisions of land, sheet 1 and 2, as set forth in § 155.003 of this chapter. (Figure 4 is attached to the ordinance codified herein and made a part of this chapter.);
   (E)   Standard Specifications for the Indiana Department of Highways;
   (F)   County Area Recommended Standards for Sewage Works; and
   (G)   County Area Recommended Standards for Water Works.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)