3-6-1:   Purpose And Intent
3-6-2:   Definitions
3-6-3:   Establishment And Classification Of Businesses
3-6-4:   Measurement Of Distance
3-6-5:   Location Of Sexually Oriented Businesses
3-6-6:   Regulations Governing Existing Sexually Oriented Businesses
3-6-7:   Injunction
3-6-8:   Sexually Oriented Business Permit; Purpose And Intent
3-6-9:   Permit Required
3-6-10: Investigation And Application
3-6-11:    Issuance Of Permit
3-6-12:    Annual Permit Fee
3-6-13:    Inspection
3-6-14:    Expiration Of Permit
3-6-15:    Suspension Of Permit
3-6-16:    Revocation Of Permit
3-6-17:    Judicial Review Of Permit Denial, Suspension Or Revocation
3-6-18:    Transfer Of Permit
3-6-19:    Sexually Oriented Business Employee License
3-6-20:    Regulations Pertaining To Exhibition Of Sexually Explicit Films Or Videos In Video Booths
3-6-21:    Prohibition Regarding Minors And Sexually Oriented Businesses
3-6-22:    Advertising And Lighting Regulations
3-6-23:    Hours Of Operation
3-6-24:    Public Nudity Prohibited
3-6-25:    Prohibition Of Live Adult Entertainment
3-6-26:    Additional Criminal Prohibitions For The Operation Of A Sexually Oriented Business Without A Valid Permit
3-6-27:    Exemptions
3-6-28:    Criminal Penalties And Additional Legal, Equitable, And Injunctive Relief
3-6-29:    Immunity From Prosecution
3-6-30:    Scope And Interpretation