A.   Inspection Of Premises: Any officer or employee of the City may inspect the premises and make a written report of findings together with photographs whenever practicable.
   B.   Summary Abatement; Notice:
      1.   Any owner or occupant, or any person who erects, contrives, causes, continues, maintains, or permits a public nuisance, shall, not later than fifteen (15) days after being notified by written notice, abate, remove or cause to be removed, the declared public nuisance.
      2.   If the inspecting officer shall determine that a public nuisance exists and that there is great and immediate danger to the public health, safety, peace, morals or decency, notice may be served on the owner, occupant or the person causing, permitting or maintaining such nuisance to abate or remove such nuisance within twenty four (24) hours. Said notice shall state that unless such nuisance is so abated, the City will cause the same to be abated and will charge the cost thereof to the owner, occupant or person causing, permitting or maintaining the same.
   C.   Cost Of Abatement:
      1.   Abatement By City; Lien Against Property: In the event of the failure of any person to comply with the provisions of this chapter, the City may perform or cause to be performed, the work required by this chapter, at the expense of the property owner, and the City shall have a lien therefor upon the property chargeable therewith until paid.
      2.   Tax Assessed Against Property: If the City shall so direct, the cost of such work shall be fixed as a tax against such property and the same shall be included in the next assessment roll thereafter made, and be enforced and collected in the same manner and at the same time as other taxes.
      3.   Foreclosure Of Lien; Other Remedies: The City Council may, however, foreclose such lien by appropriate legal proceedings, or may collect the cost of such work from the owner of the property or other person liable therefor, through a civil action, or may pursue any other remedy authorized by law or the provisions of this Code. (1999 Code)