(A)   (1)   As authorized by VA Code § 17.1-279.1, as amended: A local fee of $5.00 to support the implementation and maintenance of an electronic summons system is hereby imposed in each criminal or traffic case brought in the district or circuit courts in which the defendant is charged with a violation of any statute or ordinance.
      (2)   The Clerks of the district and circuit courts shall charge and collect this assessment as a part of the fees taxed as costs.
   (B)   (1)   After collection by the Clerk of the Court in which the case is heard, the assessment shall be remitted to the County Treasurer and held in an interest-bearing account subject to appropriation by the Board of Supervisors.
      (2)   The electronic summons system assessment and interest derived shall be held in a separate account outside of the general fund and shall not revert to the general fund at the end of the fiscal year.
   (C)   The retained assessment and any interest shall be administered by the Sheriff's Office and shall be used solely to fund software, hardware and associated equipment costs necessary for the implementation and maintenance of an electronic summons system as selected by the Sheriff's Office in accordance with the record keeping and reporting requirements formulated by the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
   (D)   The assessment imposed by this section shall be in addition to all other costs prescribed by law, but shall not apply to any action in which the state or any political subdivision therefore or the federal government is a party and in which the costs are assessed against the state, a political subdivision thereof or the federal government.
(Ord. passed 1-9-2020)