(A)   Modification of height regulations. The height limitations of this chapter shall not apply to:
      (1)   Belfries;
      (2)   Chimneys;
      (3)   Church spires;
      (4)   Conveyors;
      (5)   Cooling towers;
      (6)   Elevator bulkheads;
      (7)   Fire towers;
      (8)   Water towers and standpipes;
      (9)   Public monuments;
      (10)   Silos, grain elevators, and agricultural storage tanks;
      (11)   Smoke stacks;
      (12)   Stage towers or scenery lofts; and
      (13)   Fire and parapet walls extending no more than four feet above the roof line.
   (B)   Yard, setback, and open space requirements.
      (1)   Every part of a required yard shall be open to the sky except that ordinary projections of sills, belt courses, window air conditioning units, chimneys, cornices, and ornamental features may project into the required yard a maximum of 24 inches.
      (2)   In all districts with residential uses, heat pumps, or central air conditioning units may project to a distance not to exceed five feet into a required side or rear yard. Where a variance has been granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals for a side or rear yard requirement, this section shall not apply, unless it is part of the approved variance.
   (C)   Temporary use of construction trailers and buildings. Temporary construction trailers and temporary buildings, used in conjunction with construction work only, may be permitted in any district during the period construction work is in progress and all yard setback requirements are complied with.
   (D)   Reduction of lot size. No lot existing at the time of passage of this chapter shall be reduced in dimension or area below the minimum requirements set forth herein.
   (E)   Uses not permitted are prohibited. For the purposes of this chapter, permitted uses are listed for certain districts. Unless the contrary is clear from the context of the lists or other regulations of this chapter, uses not specifically listed are prohibited.
   (F)   Erection of more than one principal structure on a lot.
      (1)   In the B-1 and M-1 Districts, more than one structure housing a principal use may be erected or placed on a single lot, provided that yard, setback, and other requirements of this chapter shall be met.
      (2)   In the R-1, R-2, and A-1 Districts, only one structure housing a permitted principal use may be erected or placed on a single lot. A single manufactured home may be allowed for an immediate family member in the A-1 District if placed on a lot with an existing single-family dwelling. The manufactured home and existing single-family dwelling must both have adequate land devoted for their use as to comply with the dimensional, area, and yard requirements of the A-1 District. A separate septic system is required for each dwelling unit.
      (3)   In the R-3 District, structures housing permitted uses may be allowed as approved by the master plan for the development.
   (G)   Use of recreational vehicles. A single recreational vehicle may be used on property in the R-1, R-2, and A-1 Districts provided adequate water and wastewater disposal systems are connected to the recreational vehicle. Two or more recreational vehicles on the same property is a special exception use in the A-1 District and would be defined as a campground.
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995)  Penalty, see § 157.999