(A)   Purpose and intent. It is the intent of the county that stored goods and the solid waste generated by the citizens and businesses of the county be responsibly stored, dispensed, and disposed.
   (B)   Plan of development submission requirements. All plans of development shall demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this section.
   (C)   General requirements.
      (1)   Recycling. Applicants of plans of development shall evaluate alternative recycling plans and propose one for their development which increases the likelihood of source separation and waste disposal reduction. For example, developers could consider innovative designs both inside and out to make recycling more convenient and accessible to businesses and residents. Every plan of development proposal can provide that space be allocated inside or outside buildings for recycling separation bins.
      (2)   Storage and waste disposal.
         (a)   Any operation, use, or any activity involving the manufacture, utilization, or storage of flammable, combustible, and/or explosive materials shall be conducted in accordance with state and federal regulations.
         (b)   All outdoor storage facilities for fuel, raw materials, and stored products shall be enclosed by an approved safety fence and suitable landscaping to screen such areas from public view.
         (c)   No materials, wastes, or other substance shall be stored or maintained upon a lot in such a manner that natural runoff from such areas can impair the existing water quality of a stream, watercourse, or aquifer more so than the primary use intended for the lot without such storage.
         (d)   All materials or wastes which might cause fumes or dust, constitute a fire hazard, or be edible or otherwise attractive to rodents or insects shall be stored outdoors only if enclosed in containers which are adequate to eliminate such hazards.
      (3)   Refuse collection. Dumpsters, or an alternate method of collection approved by the plan-approving authority, shall be required for mobile home parks, rental housing developments, commercial and industrial developments. The following standards shall apply.
         (a)   Dumpsters or other approved collection receptacles shall be located on the site so that service vehicles will have convenient and unobstructed access to them. The location shall be such that encroachment by service vehicles upon pedestrian ways, parking spaces, or vehicular circulation drives will be minimized.
         (b)   Dumpsters or other approved collection receptacles shall be screened from view on all sides by fencing, gates, shrubbery, or building walls except where the plan-approving authority determines that such screening is not necessary because other screening such as buildings, fences, or landscaping is in place.
         (c)   Dumpsters shall be positioned upon dumpster pads constructed in accordance with all applicable Health Department standards for construction and drainage.
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995)  Penalty, see § 157.999