(A)   Purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of this section is to ensure the adequacy of fire protection and emergency services to all citizens of the county.
   (B)   Plan of development submittal requirements. Plans of development shall demonstrate compliance within the requirements of this chapter.
   (C)   General requirements; fire protection.
      (1)   Access. All buildings on a site shall be readily accessible to emergency vehicles and apparatus.
      (2)   Fire lane/fire apparatus space. At a minimum, a building shall have 25% of its perimeter fronting on a public or private street or on a fire apparatus space unobstructed for at least 30 feet in width. Depending on a building’s design configuration and use, as well as the location of its entrances, fire apparatus space or a fire hydrant, this requirement may be modified by the plan-approving authority. A fire apparatus space shall be accessible from the street by a posted fire lane at least 12 feet in width. Fire lanes and fire apparatus spaces shall be posted by appropriate signage and pavement markings. These areas shall not be obstructed so as to impede fire apparatus access. Fire lanes need not be separate accessways but may be incorporated as part of an individual site’s access driveway system or off-street parking aisles, so long as they are properly posted.
      (3)   Fire hydrants. Fire hydrants shall be located along all street rights-of-way in areas served by central water systems. Not withstanding these requirements, hydrants and other fire suppression systems shall comply with all state standards. In areas not served by public water, the county may require the installation of a deep well with a hydrant system, a screened standpipe in a perennial stream, sprinkler systems, or other fire suppression systems necessary to ensure an adequate level of emergency service.
      (4)   Plan of development disapproval given inadequate fire protection capability. A plan of development may be disapproved based solely on the finding that the Fire Department would be unable to adequately serve the site.
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995)  Penalty, see § 157.999