§ 32.068  DEFINITIONS.
    For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AFFIDAVIT. The real estate tax exemption affidavit.
   COMMISSIONER OF THE REVENUE. The Commissioner of the Revenue of Richmond County, Virginia, or his or her duly authorized deputies or agents.
   COUNTY. Richmond County, Virginia.
   DWELLING. The full-time residence of the person or persons claiming exemption.
   EXEMPTION. Exemption from the real estate tax of the county according to the provisions of this subchapter.
   INCOME. Income from whatever sources derived including, but not limited to, Social Security payments, inheritances, gifts, gains from the sale or exchange of assets, proceeds of insurance, welfare receipts, and benefits under the State Supplemental Retirement System.
   MANUFACTURED HOMES.  A structure subject to federal regulation, which is transportable in one or more sections.
   NET COMBINED FINANCIAL WORTH. The fair market value of all assets, tangible or intangible, legal or equitable, of the owner or owners, and the spouse of any owner, less the liabilities of such person or persons, but excluding the value of the dwelling and the land, as provided in § 32.069(B)(2). Such term includes, but is not limited to, the cash surrender value of any life insurance policy owned by such person or persons.
   PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY DISABLED. A person shall be deemed PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY DISABLED if he or she is so certified and is found by the Commissioner of the Revenue to be unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determined physical or mental impairment or deformity which can be expected to result in death or can be expected to last for the duration of such person’s life.
   PROPERTY. Real property (real estate), including manufactured homes.
   TAXABLE YEAR. The calendar year, from January 1 until December 31, for which exemption is claimed.
(Ord. passed 12-11-2008; Ord. passed 12-13-2018)