(A)   General. The regulations set by this subchapter within each district shall be minimum or maximum limitations as appropriate to the case and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, except as hereinafter provided.
   (B)   Use, occupancy, and construction. No building, structure, or land shall hereafter be used or occupied, and no building or structure or part thereof shall hereafter be constructed except in conformity with all of the regulations herein as specified for the district in which it is located. No variance shall be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals with regard to use and density provisions. Any modification of the use and density provisions may be accomplished only through a rezoning of the property in question or an amendment to this subchapter; both of which are approved by the Board of Supervisors.
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995)  Penalty, see § 157.999