§ 32.019  LATE PAYMENTS.
   In accord with VA Code Title 58.1, Chapter 39:
   (A)   Taxes and assessments due and owing to the county for real estate, tangible personal property, machinery and tools, and merchants’ capital shall be due and payable in one installment on or before December 5 of the current year the tax is assessed; and on all such taxes and assessments remaining unpaid after that date there shall be added a penalty in the amount of 10% of the taxes and assessments due and interest thereon at the rate of 8% per annum commencing on the following January 1 and continuing until paid; and
   (B)   This section was in full force and effect commencing February 1, 1977.
(Ord. passed 12-9-1976)  Penalty, see § 32.999