(A)   Minimum lot area with and without public water or sewer.
      (1)   Individual manufactured home lots served by either public water or public sewer shall have a minimum area of 25,000 square feet.
      (2)   Individual manufactured home lots served by neither public water nor public sewer shall have a minimum area of one acre.
      (3)   For manufactured homes utilizing individual sewage disposal systems, a greater lot size may be required if deemed necessary by the Health Department.
   (B)   Minimum setback.
      (1)   Individual manufactured homes shall be located 75 feet or more from any street right-of-way.
      (2)   Further, the lot shall be 150 feet or more in width at the building line and the manufactured home shall not be closer than 25 feet from any lot boundary line. BUILDING LINE shall mean the horizontal distance between side boundary lines, measured along the setback line. This line shall be parallel to the front boundary line of a rectangular parcel/tract or land, or in the case of a curved front boundary line, parallel to the chord of the curve.
      (3)   Manufactured homes that front on a river, creek, or other body of water shall have a minimum setback of 100 feet from the mean high water line of any such body of water.
   (C)   Site of manufactured home.
      (1)   Any individual manufactured home located in the county shall be placed on its own recorded parcel of land, which shall be owned by the owner and occupant of said manufactured home.
      (2)   A variance from the requirement above may be granted by the Board of Supervisors provided:
         (a)   The occupant of a manufactured home placed upon a parcel with an existing dwelling shall be a family member of the parcel owner, meaning child, spouse, parent, sibling, grandparents, and grandchildren;
         (b)   No more than two units shall be placed upon a parcel with an existing dwelling;
         (c)   The area to be occupied by the manufactured home shall meet all requirements of lot size and setbacks, exclusive of a reasonable area occupied by the existing dwelling, such area to be determined by the Building Official and which shall include, at a minimum, the existing dwelling, driveway, septic system and drainfield, and well;
         (d)   There shall be at least 50 feet of distance between the manufactured home and the existing dwelling; and
         (e)   Such manufactured home shall have a sewage disposal system which is separate from the existing structure on the parcel.
      (3)   A manufactured home may be used for temporary dwelling for up to two years during construction of a primary dwelling unit. The manufactured home must meet all requirements of this subchapter, however, a relaxation of the dimensional requirements (setbacks, lot size and width, and the like) may be allowed so that the primary dwelling structure may receive optimal placement. Building permits for the manufactured home and the primary dwelling unit must be obtained concurrently. If more than two years is needed to complete construction on the primary dwelling, the applicant must request an extension of time from the Board of Supervisors.
   (D)   Surveyor’s certificate. When it is difficult for the Building Official to determine that the location of a manufactured home is in accordance with the setback requirements, the Building Official may request that the placement be certified by a registered land surveyor and a statement completed and submitted to the Building Official. The owner shall pay the cost for any such survey.
   (E)   Appurtenances.
      (1)   Any appurtenance (such as a room, deck, or screened porch) to a manufactured home shall require a building permit issued by the Building Official. Any such appurtenance shall comply with applicable requirements for the State Uniform Statewide Building Code, including amendments thereto.
      (2)   The Building Official may, in his or her discretion, order the immediate removal of any appurtenance or detached structure for which no building permit or certificate of use and occupancy was obtained.
   (F)   Stored manufactured homes. No manufactured home shall be located or relocated in the county exclusively for the purpose of being stored and eventually being set up or relocated in the county. The Building Official shall immediately initiate legal proceedings for the removal of any such manufactured home.
   (G)   Manufactured homes used for storage purposes. No manufactured home shall be located or relocated in the county exclusively for the purpose of being used for storage purposes. The Building Official shall immediately initiate legal proceedings for the removal of such manufactured home.
   (H)   Manufactured home for resale other than by a licensed dealer. No manufactured home that is for resale by anyone other than a licensed dealer shall be placed on property in the county, unless it complies with all applicable laws and codes pertaining to individual manufactured homes. A manufactured home owner who has replaced a manufactured home with another dwelling structure on his or her land shall have 60 days in which to remove the manufactured home from his or her property, either by sale or other means, provided that the manufactured home is not inhabited during that period.
   (I)   Manufactured home used as a rental unit. No manufactured home shall be located or relocated on an individual lot within the county for the sole purpose of providing rental housing. Such manufactured homes to be used for rental housing shall be located only within approved manufactured home parks.
   (J)   Recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicles are not intended as single-family dwellings and shall not be used as such in the county. Any such use shall be considered a violation of this subchapter.
(Ord. passed 8-10-1989)  Penalty, see § 154.999