As provided under VA Code §§ 58.1-3403 through 58.1-3404, the county hereby imposes a service charge on all state-owned property which qualifies under VA Code § 58.1-3403(A).
   (A)   The service charge and service charge rate shall be determined as provided under VA Code § 58.1-3403(B) and (C).
   (B)   The service charge shall be assessed, and the service charge rate shall be annually adjusted; under no circumstances, however, shall the service charge rate exceed the real estate tax rate of the county for that particular tax year.
   (C)   The Governor of the state and each state agency affected shall be notified in writing prior to July 1, 1994, and the effective date for the actual levying of the service charge shall be July 1, 1995.
(Ord. passed 5-12-1994)