(A)   The subdivision design shall reflect the community’s need for open space sites for public facilities and recreation area as indicated in the Comprehensive Plan and as may be anticipated in demand created by development of the subdivision.
   (B)   (1)   Where a proposed park, public waterway and/or waterfront access site, playground, school, refuse container site, public safety facility, or other public facility or public use is shown on the County Comprehensive Plan is located in whole or in part in a subdivision, the agent shall require that such areas within the subdivision be dedicated or reserved for purchase by the county or other appropriate agency.
      (2)   Where large scale development occurs necessitating additional community facilities not shown on the Comprehensive Plan, the agent may require the dedication or reservation of new sites.
   (C)   All subdivisions containing more than 25 lots under five acres in area shall provide common open space and recreation area equal to at least 5% of the total area of all of the lots. This space is to be used by residents of the subdivision and shall include such things as parks, playgrounds, and general recreation areas. Land providing public or community waterfront access shall be considered as contributing to this requirement. Such common or public open space land shall be an amount not less than one acre in any single site and shall be suitable for its designated use in location and topography and shall be maintained by the subdivider until maintenance is assumed by a homeowners’ association or other approved agency.
   (D)   Land reserved for public purchase shall be shown for future sale as lots by means of dashed lines and numbers on the preliminary and final plats and may be sold as such without filing an amended plat if public action to acquire the land has not been initiated within 18 months of recording the final plat.
   (E)   Shoreline subdivisions or projects which include multifamily development shall provide community access to and along the water’s edge for all residents of the development. In addition, all new residential subdivisions on shorelines and which include lots which do not have direct access to the shoreline shall include community access to publicly owned waterbodies by means of a pedestrian easement to the shoreline and a community recreation and open space area along the shoreline. Pedestrian easements along the shoreline are also encouraged. This requirement may be waived if the agent determines that shoreline is unsuitable for such purposes and/or if the adequate public access already exists in the area.
   (F)   Recreational areas and open space areas, whether publicly or privately owned, which are provided in conformance with approval of any form of cluster, multifamily, townhouse, or planned development provisions, and which equal or exceed the requirements for dedication as set forth herein, may completely and fully satisfy the above requirements provided the developer or subdivider shall satisfy the Board of Supervisors that there are adequate provisions to assure retention and future maintenance of said recreational areas.
(Ord. passed 8-10-1989)  Penalty, see § 154.999