§ 154.058  BLOCKS.
   (A)   Residential blocks shall normally not exceed 1,200 feet in length, or be less than 400 feet in length, between street lines. In any residential block more than 800 feet in length, a crosswalkway of not less than ten feet in width may be required where necessary to provide convenient access to schools, recreation areas, and other community facilities.
   (B)   Residential blocks shall normally be of sufficient width to provide two tiers of lots of appropriate depth.
   (C)   Blocks for business or industrial use shall be of such length and width as may be necessary to serve their prospective use, including adequate provision for off-street parking and for the loading and unloading of delivery vehicles.
   (D)   Irregularly-shaped blocks indented by cul-de-sacs or looped streets, and containing interior parks or playgrounds, will be acceptable when properly designed and where provision is made for adequate parking and for the maintenance of the public or common-use recreation area.
(Ord. passed 8-10-1989)  Penalty, see § 154.999