(A)   The preliminary plat for a major subdivision shall be accompanied by a stormwater management plan showing information for determination of improvements necessary for controlling stormwater runoff, including drainage plans and flood control devices.
   (B)   The preliminary plat for any subdivision shall show natural drainage patterns and a complete drainage layout, including pipe sizes and types, stormwater detention and retention facilities, drainage easements, and means of transporting drainage to a well-defined open stream.
   (C)   (1)   The stormwater management plan shall preserve natural drainageways and wetlands, maximize infiltration of stormwater, and minimize off-site discharge of stormwater.
      (2)   In general, impervious surfaces near waterfronts and wetlands shall be avoided; grass swales shall be utilized and curb and gutter and paved ditches shall be avoided except where necessary to prevent erosion in accord with the standards of the State Department of Transportation.
   (D)   Where a subdivision is traversed by a natural drainageway through which water flows continuously or intermittently, there shall be provided an easement with a minimum width of 15 feet conforming substantially with the boundaries of such drainageway and such additional width as may be necessary for drainage and utilities at a particular location.
   (E)   (1)   A continuing maintenance plan, including an owners’ association if necessary, shall be submitted for all elements of the drainage and flood control system which will not be the responsibility of the county or the State Department of Transportation.
      (2)   The subdivider shall provide assurance that all facilities are in good repair and properly functioning when the last lot is sold.
   (F)   Areas subject to periodic flooding (100-year flood) shall be delineated on preliminary and final plats.
   (G)   Residential building sites in areas subject to periodic flooding shall be avoided. (Lot areas may include areas subject to flooding which are in excess of minimum lot area requirements.)
   (H)   Construction in areas subject to flooding shall be in accord with National Flood Insurance Program regulations.
(Ord. passed 8-10-1989)  Penalty, see § 154.999