(A)   Subdivision plans shall provide for control of temporary flooding, erosion, and sediment control in accord with applicable laws and ordinances. In general, the design of the subdivision shall be such as to minimize grading and disturbance of natural vegetation. Natural contours and stormwater channels shall be respected and retained where possible.
   (B)   The preliminary plat for a major subdivision shall be accompanied by a conceptual grading plan with notes on a topographic map as required to show soil types and limits for clearing and grading and other disturbance, existing and proposed grades, and location of natural watercourses, wetlands, and floodplains.
   (C)   The preliminary plat for any subdivision shall show the location of unusual soil conditions, hydric soils, shrink-swell clays, steep slopes (generally those with a grade of 15% or more), and highly erodible areas as delineated on the county’s soils and slopes maps and shall be accompanied by a soils report which describes unusual conditions and measures proposed to mitigate hazardous conditions.
   (D)   No grading shall commence without an approved erosion and sediment control plan.
(Ord. passed 8-10-1989)  Penalty, see § 154.999