All vendors shall:
   (A)   Provide, in a prominent location, trash containers sufficient in size to collect all waste generated by customers and staff of the vendor. All trash and debris related to the operation shall be collected by the vendor throughout the duration of their vending and deposited in their own trash containers and removed from the site by the vendor; such waste shall not be placed in city government trash receptacles.
   (B)   Use lighting which does not cause any glare that could be considered a public hazard, nuisance, or distraction to vehicular movement, neighboring business operations, or residential uses. No flashing or strobe lighting shall be permitted.
   (C)   Refrain from in any manner damaging public property or the public right-of-way, e.g., the vendor shall not use stakes, rods, or any method of support that is required to be drilled, driven, or otherwise fixed in asphalt or concrete pavement, curbs, sidewalks, or buildings.
   (D)   Vendors who operate on city property other than streets or at a city sponsored event shall be required to procure and maintain liability insurance naming the city as an additional insured with policy limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. All vendors shall indemnify and save the city harmless from any claim, whether to property or to person, arising from or in any way associated with the carrying on of the vendor's business regardless of the vendor's location within the city.
   (E)   Vendors shall remove their units when they close for business.
(Ord. 19-24, passed 12-10-19)