A vendor shall operate only within areas of the city designated as B (business) or I (industrial) zones; provided, however, that a vendor may also operate in an R zone if, but only if: (i) its operation is wholly on private property; (ii) the vendor has procured consent from the property owner; and (iii) the vendor is servicing a special event such as a family reunion, block party, wedding, or the like. Within a B or an I zone, no vendor shall operate:
   (A)   On streets or sidewalks within the downtown area of the city bounded as follows:  Commencing at the junction of W. Irvine Street and Church Street; thence south on Church Street to Main Street; thence crossing Main Street to Lancaster Avenue; thence south on Lancaster Avenue to Water Street; thence east on Water Street to Collins Street; thence north on Collins Street to W. Irvine Street; thence west on W. Irvine Street to the point of beginning.
   (B)   Within 15 feet of any driveway or other main vehicular entrance.
   (C)   Within any city parking lot without the express written consent of the city.
   (D)   On privately owned property without the property owner's written consent.
   (E)   During any city special event within the event footprint without registering for the event through the event coordinator and following all event guidelines.
   (F)   Using electrical power from any outside source involving extension cords or cables used to bring power to the mobile unit unless both the mobile food unit and any extension cords or cables are wholly on private property with the owner's express and written consent.
   (G)   Using chairs or tables located on a public right-of-way.
   (H)   Within a city park without permission from the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department.
   (I)   Within one hundred feet of the property line of a dwelling unit located in an R (residential) zoning district.
   (J)   On any street within the campus of Eastern Kentucky University without written consent from Eastern Kentucky University.
(Ord. 19-24, passed 12-10-19)