(A)   The Board of Commissioners of the city may institute eminent domain proceedings in accordance with the provisions of KRS Chapter 416 against any property, and may through such proceedings acquire any property, which has been certified as blighted or deteriorated by the Commission if it finds:
      (1)   That the property has deteriorated to such an extent as to constitute a serious and growing menace to the public health, safety, and welfare;
      (2)   That such property is likely to continue to deteriorate unless corrected;
      (3)   That the continued deterioration of such property may contribute to the blighting or deterioration of the area immediately surrounding the property; and
      (4)   That the owner of such property has failed to correct the deterioration of the property.
   (B)   The findings required as above set forth shall be included in any Order of the Board of Commissioners authorizing the institution of eminent domain proceedings.
(Ord. 07-35, passed 11-13-07)