(A)   There is hereby created in the city the position of Electrical Inspector, who shall be appointed by the Mayor by city order, the Electrical Inspector shall be certified by the Commissioner of Housing, Building and Construction pursuant to KRS 227.480(2) and KRS 277.489.  The Electrical Inspector is an employee of the city and is in the Division of Codes and Planning.
   (B)   The Electrical Inspector's duties within the city are:  inspecting the construction and installation of electrical conductors of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 wiring; inspecting fittings, devices and fixtures for light heat and power; inspecting service equipment to ascertain compliance with the National Electrical Code incorporated in the Kentucky Building Code and promulgated under KRS 198B.050; to ascertain compliance with the Standards of Safety of the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and to make electrical write ups and inspections as requested by Codes Enforcement Department. 
   (C)   The Electrical Inspector, after certifying an electrical installation, shall furnish and attach an approval sticker bearing his signature and certification number, in a conspicuous place on the main service entrance equipment. He shall also provide the owner of the electrical installation, or his authorized agent, with a certificate of approval if the same is requested. A complete record of each inspection shall be kept by the inspector, and these records shall be made available to the Department of Housing, Building and Construction upon it's request.
   (D)   No owner, contractor, manufacturer, or other person, shall obtain the services of another Electrical Inspector in an attempt to supplant, overrule or otherwise invalidate the judgement of the Electrical Inspector without first obtaining the written consent of the Board of Commissioners. Any Electrical Inspector attempting such action shall be subject to review by the Commissioner of Housing, Building and Construction, with possible suspension of certification.
      (E)   (1)   The fees for the inspection and certificates by the City of Richmond Electrical Inspector shall be as set forth below.  These fees shall be payable in advance.
Single Family, Multi-Family, Light Commercial, Churches
(up to $50,000)
200 amp service
$150/service includes temp service and all trips
400 amp service
$200/service includes temp service and all trips
600 amp service
$300/service includes temp service and all trips
800 amp service
$400/service includes temp service and all trips
1000 amp service
$500/service includes temp service and all trips
1200 amp service
$600/service includes temp service and all trips
Duplex or apartments
$125 per unit/includes temp service and all trips
Additions/Swimming Pools/Re-wires, etc.
Service, panel, etc.
$150 includes all trips
Service Changes/Mobile Homes/Barns
New service and service changes
$75 includes all trips
Heavy Commercial/Churches over $50,000/Industrial
50,000 - 1,000,000
.01 times the cost
1,000,001 - up
.0075 times the cost
      (2)   All parties (builder, owner, and electrical contractor) involved with the construction, alteration or repair of a structure are jointly and severally responsible and obligated to paying the inspection fees.  All electrical inspection fees shall be made payable to the city and must be paid in full prior to the final electrical certificate being issued.
   (F)   No electrical wiring shall be covered or concealed until the structural framework and conduits and wiring have been approved by the Electrical Inspector.  Should the Electrical Inspector condemn any of said work or equipment as not being in accordance with the National Electrical Code, notice in writing shall be given to the person, firm or corporation engaged in the installation of the final work, within 15 days after notification thereof, or with such further reasonable time as may, upon request, be prescribed, such condemned work or equipment must be altered or removed as the case may require.  The necessary changes must then be made so that all work and equipment fully complies with the National Electrical Code.  In default, the electrical contractor shall be liable for the penalties prescribed in this chapter.  In addition, every owner, contractor or other person engaged in the construction of the building or structure, the covering or allowing to be covered of any portion of the work or equipment, or the removing of any notice not to cover that may have been thereon by the Electrical Inspector, shall likewise be subject to the penalties of this chapter.
   (G)   The Electrical Inspector is hereby empowered to order the discontinuance of electrical service to any premises if:
      (1)   Conductors or apparatus are found to be in a dangerous or unsafe condition;
      (2)   Conductors or apparatus have been installed without a permit; or
      (3)   Conductors or apparatus have been installed contrary to the provisions of the National Electrical Code or this subchapter.  He shall thereupon attach a notice stating that such conductors or apparatus are in violation of the National Electrical Code and until the same have been placed in a safe condition they will not be approved by the Electrical Inspector, nor will electrical service be restored. Unauthorized removal of this notice shall be punishable according to this chapter.  The notice will be removed by the Electrical Inspector only upon issuing of a final certificate of approval.
   (H)   The Electrical Inspector shall issue a certificate of final inspection when an electrical  installation is completed and found by him to comply with this subchapter.  No certificate shall be issued on any incomplete work.  No electrical connection shall be made to any electrical service by the utility company until proper notice has been given by the Electrical Inspector or the Building Inspector's Office.
   (I)   The Electrical Inspector shall have the right during reasonable hours, upon showing his credentials, to enter any building in the discharge of his duties for the purpose of making any inspection or test of the installation of any electrical wiring, electrical devices or any electrical material contained herein.
   (J)   This subchapter does not relieve the responsibility of damages to any person owning, operating or installing any electrical wires, apparatus, construction or equipment, nor shall the city or any agent thereof, be held liable by any reason for any inspection authorized by this subchapter or the certificate issued by the Electrical Inspector.
   (K)   Alleged misconduct by the Electrical Inspector shall be governed by KRS 227.492.
(Ord. 90-26, passed 7-3-90; Am. Ord. 03-42, passed 8-5-03; Am. Ord. 07-20, passed 7-24-07)  Penalty, see § 150.999