(A)   Hours.  All parks and recreation facilities within the city system will close at 11:00 p.m.  Persons in the parks after these times that are not participating in an activity organized by the Park and Recreation Department or that do not have special written permission on hand from the Parks Director shall be subject to immediate expulsion from the premises and/or a charge of trespassing, which is punishable by law, as prescribed in KRS 511.080.
   (B)   Parking.  Vehicles must be parked in authorized areas only.  Vehicles parked completely on the grass, blocking other vehicles, parked in maintenance zones or any other area that is a specified no parking zone will be subject to tow and/or fine.
   (C)   Riding motorcycles, mopeds, and the like.  Motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and other vehicles will not be permitted in the grass or ball field areas and must be ridden in the parking areas or roadways only.
   (D)   Loitering.  Loitering in areas marked no loitering will be in direct violation of park rules and will be subject to a penalty as prescribed by KRS 525.090.
   (E)   Destruction of property.  Writing on walls, littering, breaking lights, misuse of equipment and any other destruction of park property will be subject to penalty by law as prescribed by KRS 512.030.
   (F)   Verbal abuse; heckling.  Excessive verbal abuse or heckling upon city park property between participants and staff, coaches, managers, officials, players, or spectators will be considered harassment and be subject to penalty by law as prescribed in KRS 525.070.
   (G)   Noise.  Excessive loud and annoying noises upon city park properties will be considered disturbing the peace and will be subject to penalty by law as prescribed in KRS 525.060.
   (H)   Breaking and entering.  Entering a locked building, utility box, or storage area will be considered breaking and entering and will be subject to penalty by law as prescribed in KRS 511.040.
   (I)   Selling or vending.  Selling or vending of any type upon park property must have the written permission of the Director of Parks and be in accord with the policies set by the Park and Recreation Board.
   (J)   Expulsion from premises for violations.  Violations of any of the regulations will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.
('79 Code, § 15-1)  (Ord. 81-29, passed 10-6-81)  Penalty, see § 95.99