(A)   The political subdivision may request the state agency to take all necessary steps with the federal security administrator, pursuant to 42 USC 418(d)(5)(B), to terminate this plan and agreement either in its entire application to the political subdivision or with respect to any coverage group.  Upon good cause shown at a time and in a manner to be specified by the state agency, the state agency shall give the notice to the federal security administrator required by 42 USC 418 for purpose of granting the requested termination to the political subdivision.
   (B)   If the state agency, after notice and opportunity for hearing to the political subdivision, finds that there has been a failure to comply substantially with any provision contained in this plan and agreement or KRS Chapter 61, it may terminate this plan in its entirety, such termination to take effect at the time prescribed in such notice and on such conditions as may be provided by regulations of the state agency, and as may be consistent with the provisions of the Social Security Act.
('79 Code, § 2-132)  (Ord. A-25, passed 9-18-51)