Subdivisions developed with frontage and access on interior roadways may be permitted as approved by the Commission and Council under the following conditions and standards:
   (a)   The subdivision shall be initially planned, platted and improved by one entity, corporation or person.
   (b)   The total development area within the subdivision shall be not less than 12 acres.
   (c)   Any lot within the development having frontage and/or access on a major road shall meet all of the standards required in the other sections of this chapter.
   (d)   An interior public roadway shall be constructed providing the required frontage, lot width and lot area as required herein prior to the sale of individual lots or the construction of buildings or permitted uses. The construction and dedication of the roadway may be phased upon approval of the Commission where each phase of the subdivision meets all of the requirements of this section.
   (e)   The minimum lot area for any interior lot not having frontage or access on a major road shall be two and one-half acres.
   (f)   The minimum lot width at the building line of interior lots in the subdivision shall be 150 feet, except on a cul-de-sac, where the minimum lot frontage at the road right-of-way shall be 80 feet.
   (g)   All other standards of the O/L District not listed within this section shall apply, including, but not limited to, permitted uses, yard requirements, height, signs, parking, loading, building and design standards, and development plans for each building and site improvement.
   (h)   Subdivisions shall comply with applicable rules and regulations for plats and subdivisions of the Village. All lots shall be serviced with central sanitary sewers and public water supply.
      (Ord. 25-2011. Passed 9-20-11.)