Enforcement, Zoning Certificates and Penalty
1105.01   Powers of Zoning Inspector.
1105.03   Submission of application for Zoning Certificates.
1105.05   Planning and Zoning Commission approval; when required.
1105.07   Zoning Certificates required.
1105.09   Procedure for obtaining a Zoning Certificate.
1105.11   Expiration of Zoning Certificate.
1105.13   Certificates of Occupancy.
1105.15   Special Zoning Orders Book.
1105.17   Fees.
1105.19   Compliance required; uses not permitted are prohibited.
1105.21   Construction of existing buildings.
1105.23   Violations a nuisance: reports to Zoning Inspector.
1105.25   Inspections; orders to correct.
1105.27   Correction period.
1105.29   Penalty.