(a)   The power of Council to levy taxes shall be subject to the limitations now or hereafter provided by the Constitution and the general laws of the State of Ohio, and nothing contained in this Charter shall be construed as authorizing the levy of any taxes in excess of such limitations without the vote of the people.
   (b)   When the taxable income of a resident of the Municipality is subject to a municipal income tax in another municipality on the same income taxable by the Municipality, Council shall make provision for granting the residents a credit of the amount of income tax paid on such taxable income to such other municipality equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the amount obtained by multiplying the lower of the tax rate of such other municipality or of the Municipality by the taxable income earned in or attributable to the municipality of employment or business activity. Council may not decrease the amount of such credit without having obtained the approval for such decrease by a majority of the electors of the Municipality voting on the question at a general election.
(Approved by voters November 7, 2000.)