Ord. No.   Date   Subject
69-1967   1-16-68   Area bounded by Summit County line, State Route 21, Ohio Turnpike and Interstate Route I-77 from R-1 and C-2 to I-1; amends Ord. 34-1967.
123-1969   12-30-69   4 acre and 1.08 acre parcels, part of lots 3 and 4, Tract 4 from R-2 to C-1; amends Ord. 32-1969.
97-1971   10-19-71   Three parcels of 2., 4.17 and 17.0 acres, part of Lot 2, Tract 3; and five parcels of 10.10, 3.0, 4.05, 5.10 and 4.05 acres, part of Lot 11, Tract 2 from I-1 to R-2.
115-1972   12-28-72   9.62 acres near intersection of West Streetsboro Road and Broadview Road from R-1 to C-1; amends Ord. 32-1969.
3-1974   2-19-74   Part of Lot 12, Tract 3, Derr lands, from R-1 to I-1; amends Ord. 32-1969.
1-1975   2-4-75   Six parcels of 1.1153, 1.1147, 1.8603, 2.00, 2.00 and 7.36 acres being parts of Lot 12, Tract 3 near Cleveland-Massillon Rd. from C-2 to C-1.
40-1982   11-3-82   Amends Ordinance 32-1969 by changing the uses from R-2 to I-2.
21-1983   11-1-83   Amends Ordinance 32-1969 and 76-1976 by changing R-3 to CD, CD to C-1, R-2 to C-1, I-2 and I-1 to I and R-2 to C-1.
40-1985   10-15-85   Briarwood Condominium Area from Township R-3 to Village R-3A; Buell Drive Rear from Township R-1 to Village R-1; Farro Lands Area from Township R-1 to Village R-1; Lake Motel Lands Area from Township C-2 and I to Village C-2 and Industrial.
70-1985   1-21-86   Amends 32-1969 by zoning annexed Cihlar-Ellis Lands from Township R-1 to Village R-1.
50-1990   9-4-90   Rezoning land at NE section of Cleveland-Massillon Rd. and Ohio Turnpike from I to C-2.
98-1990   10-15-91   Rezoning property on Brecksville Rd. from Office/Light Industrial Zone to CS Special Commercial District Zone.
24-1993   5-18-93   Rezoning 109.9269 acre parcel from C-3 Regional Commercial and I-S Interchange Service District to Planned Commerce District.
35-1993   7-6-93   Rezoning 27.6008 acres annexed to the Village in 1991 from the C-2 Township Commercial Highway District to the C-2 Village Highway Commercial District.
67-1993   12-21-93   Rezoning a 3.23 acre area from the Planned Commerce District to the I-S Interchange Service District.
30-1995   6-6-95   Rezoning 4.5420 acres annexed by Ordinance 36-1995, from Township R-1 District to Village R-1 Rural Residential District.
79-1996   10-7-96   Two parcels on Wheatley Road from I-S Interchange Service District to O/LI Office and Light Industry District.
5-1998   3-2-99   8.8540 acres recently annexed from Richfield Township zoned C-2 Highway Commercial District.
61-1999   9-21-99   Zones a 196.29 acre parcel into the O/LI, C-S and R-2 Districts.
35-2000   6-28-00   A certain seven acre parcel on the north side of State Route 303 between Brecksville and Broadview Roads from R-2 to R-3.
39-2000   5-16-00   A 32.5297 acre parcel off of Columbia Road from Township I District to Village I District.
40-2000   5-16-00   A 259.2096 acre parcel from Township R1 to Village R1.
64-2000   8-1-00   134.2574 acres bounded by Brecksville Road, Broadview Road, I-271 and Maple Drive from the current I, O/LI, and R1 to PC and CD.
13-2001   4-17-01   A 2.1579 acre parcel (the Carpinelli property) rezoned R-1.
43-2001   5-15-01   1.6063 acres at 5175 Brecksville Road rezoned C-2.
49-2001   6-5-01   1.356 acres on North High St. from C-3 to R2.
67-2001   8-7-01   All properties zoned C-3 to C-H and all properties zoned C-S to C-H.
66-2003   8-19-03   Rezones a 148.120 acre property in the Rolling Springs/Alger Road Allotment into R-1.
76-2003   3-16-04   Certain property on Brecksville Road from Industrial to the OLI District.
11-2005   6-21-05   4.2 acres located at 4039 Hart Road from R-1 to I.
36-2005   7-19-05   2.1530 acres located at 5171 Brecksville Road from Township LID to Village C-2.
37-2008   9-16-08   32.3079 acre area located at 4065 Brush Road from Township Zoning Classification Residential to Village Classification R-1 (Rural Residential) upon annexation.
58-2009   11-17-09   Land parcel fronting on Hart Road in the vicinity of 2636 Brecksville Road from R1 Rural Residential to the I Industrial District.
37-2010   9-7-10   Two parcels located at 4093 Everett Road from the R-1 Rural Residential District to the R-3A Cluster Residential District.
24-2016   6-7-16   Property at 3928 Brecksville Road from O/LI Office and Limited Industrial District to C-H Commerical Historic District II.
30-2018   5-15-18   Property located at 5145 Brecksville Road from the General Business District to the Industrial District.