(a)    Refuse Defined. "Refuse", as used in this chapter, means all putrescible wastes, including vegetable and animal offal and all discarded household wastes such as ashes, tin, glass, paper, rags, appliances, water heaters, broken household furnishings, and carpeting if cut and rolled into bundles no more than four feet in length nor eighteen inches in diameter and securely tied. Tree limbs, wood, bundled newspapers, etc. shall be considered as refuse as long as the same are bundled up in lengths of less than four feet and with a diameter not exceeding two feet, and securely tied.
   (b)    Collection Service. Refuse will be collected once per week. No collections will be made on Sundays and holidays. The Village may adjust a collection due to extreme bad weather, holidays, or unforseen circumstances beyond the control of the Village and therefore, any collection so adjusted may be collected the following work day or an alternate working day as the Village deems practicable.
   (c)    Refuse Preparations. All refuse shall be drained of surplus water before being deposited in the refuse container. Only refuse in proper containers will be collected.
(Ord. 84-1989. Passed 1-16-90.)
   (d)    Container Requirements. All refuse shall be properly secured in plastic bags or paper bags of sufficient strength to hold the contents. All plastic or paper bags used as refuse containers shall be securely tied prior to collection. For storage on the tree lawn or at the front line of the premises, such plastic bags or paper bags may be placed in wooden or plastic barrels, bins or containers so as to protect the refuse from animals, blowing debris, etc., provided the wooden or plastic barrels, bins or containers are retrieved and removed by the property owner on the day of collection.
(Ord. 64-1992. Passed 2-2-93.)
   (e)    Number of Containers Limited. The maximum number of containers to be collected at any one location at any single scheduled pickup shall be limited to six containers per residence and/or business per week. In addition to the maximum number of containers, refuse shall be collected as defined in subsection (a) hereof.
   (f)    Container Locations. All containers used for refuse collection as herein provided shall be placed on the tree lawn near the curb or such containers shall be placed at the front line of the premises in time for each scheduled collection; provided, however, that such refuse containers shall be placed on the tree lawn or at the front line of the premises not before sunset of the day preceding the scheduled collection and not, later than 7:00 a.m. of the day of collection. (Ord. 84-1989. Passed 1-16-90.)