Before an excavation permit under this chapter is issued, the applicant shall deposit with the Director of Finance a cash deposit or bond in the amount determined by the Director of Public Service and payable to the Village, conditioned upon the permittee's compliance with the permit and further conditioned to fill up, restore and place in good and safe condition as near as may be to the original condition, under specifications provided by the Municipal Engineer and to his satisfaction, all openings and excavations made in streets, and to maintain any street where excavation is made in as good condition for the period of twelve months after such work has been done, usual wear and tear excepted, as it was in before such work was done. Any settlement of the surface within this one-year period shall be deemed conclusive evidence of defective backfilling by the permittee. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to require the permittee to maintain any repairs made by the Village to pavement, if such repairs should prove defective. Any real estate owner repairing or engaging another to repair his own sidewalk shall not be required to give such bond.
(Ord. 31-1967. Passed 8-15-67.)