As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Landlord" means the owner of a rental unit.
   (b)   "Rental agreement" means any contract or lease, whether written, oral, or implied by operation of law, for the rental of the rental unit.
   (c)   "Rental unit" means the whole or part of a building including common areas used by a person for living, dining, cooking, sleeping, and sanitation purposes owned or controlled by another, under an agreement for the periodic payment of rent.
   (d)   "Residential tenant" means an occupant of a rental unit other than an owner or operator.
   (e)   "Security deposit" means any deposit of money or other property however denominated whose primary function is to secure the performance of the tenant under a rental agreement.
(Ord. 63-2021. Passed 5-10-21.)