The Director of Public Service shall issue a permit for the construction of private roadways upon receipt of five dollars ($5.00) from each applicant and upon the following conditions:
   (a)   All private roadways shall be improved, with a hard surface of concrete, asphalt or other similar product or combination of products. The construction and specification for materials for private roadways shall conform with standards provided by the City.
   (b)   The minimum pavement width for private roadways shall be twenty-six feet and the maximum grade shall be six percent, provided that the minimum grade for private roadways shall be one-half of one percent at the gutter, unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer.
   (c)   Every private roadway ending in a dead end or at a cul-de- sac circle shall have minimum pavement width as approved by the Service Director to assure access to the area for fire equipment and to facilitate the turning of vehicular traffic. In approving such minimum pavement widths, the Director shall consider whether such cul-de-sac circle, or turn-around will be used for parking vehicles.
(Ord. 99-63. Passed 12-9-63; Ord. 45-09. Passed 7-13-09; Ord. 06-16. Passed 2-8-16; Ord. 27-17. Passed 3-27-17.)