(a)   Gasoline dispensing nozzles used by any person other than a supervisor, employee, or attendant shall be of an approved automatic closing type without a hold-open latch.
   (b)   Emergency power cutoff controls to shut off the power to all dispensing devices in the event of an emergency, shall be installed at a location acceptable to the Fire Prevention Officer but the controls shall be not more than 100 feet from the dispensers.
   (c)   Equipment to convert to self-service or new equipment installed for the purpose of providing self-service shall be approved by a testing laboratory listed below:
   American Gas Association (AGA);
   Engineering Experiment Station, the Ohio State University;
   Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM);
   National Bureau of Standards (NBS), Building Research Division, U. S. Department of Commerce;
   Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS);
   Southwest Research Institute;
   Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL);
   University of California, Department of Civil Engineering;
   Environ Testing Laboratories, Inc.
   (d)   Approved dispensing devices such as, but not limited to coin-operated, card-operated and remote controlled types, are permitted at self-service stations.
(Ord. 67-77. Passed 5-23-77.)