(a)    All full-time employees shall be entitled to a vacation after completion of one (1) year of continuous employment with the City. Employees’ eligibility for the first vacation and for subsequent increases in vacation time will be determined by the anniversary date of employment. After any employee has qualified for the first week of vacation, the employee automatically qualifies for future vacations as of January 1 of the following year.
   Each full-time employee shall earn vacation days in accordance with his/her length of service according to the schedule below.
Years of Complete Service
Hours of Vacation
2 to 4
5 to 9
10 to 19
20 or more
   (b)   All vacation leave shall be taken in increments of Eight (8) hours.
   (c)    Vacations are not cumulative and shall not be postponed until the following year unless there have been exceptional circumstances which caused postponement. A maximum of ten (10) days may be carried forward. In such cases, a request for holdover must be approved by the Fire Chief. All leave carried over must be taken within the first three (3) months of the following year.
   (d)    Absence due to sickness, injury, or disability in excess of that hereinafter authorized for such a purpose, may, at the request of the employee, and with the approval of the Fire Chief, be charged against vacation leave.
   (e)    Retired or deceased employees shall be entitled to vacation pay for months worked. The vacation pay shall be computed based on one-twelfth (1/12) of their entitled vacation as determined by subsection (a) hereof for each month in which an employee worked a minimum of One Hundred and Ninety-Two (192) hours. In the instance of deceased employees, the vacation pay shall be made to the deceased's spouse or estate.
   (f)    On termination of employment the employee shall be paid for any unused vacation balance, except that the Chief may rule such balance void if a resignation is submitted with less than ten (10) days’ notice, or if the employee is discharged for cause. It is the declared intention hereof that terminating employees may qualify for no more than a pro rata vacation credit based upon their anniversary date and the years of service compared to their date of termination.
   (g)    All vacation leave shall be taken at such times as may be approved by the Fire Chief. (Ord. 12-2023. Passed 5-9-23.)