(a)    The Volunteer Fire Fighters' Dependents Fund Board (hereinafter the "Board") is hereby established.
   (b)    The Board shall consist of five (5) members, to serve one (1) year terms, without
compensation, beginning the first day of January. The Board members shall be chosen as follows:
      (1)    Two members elected by Council.
      (2)    Two members elected by the Fire Department, each of which must be electors of the City.
      (3)    One member elected by the Board members who were elected pursuant to subsections (b)(l) and (2). This member shall be an elector of the City, but not a public employee, a member of Council, or a member of the Fire Department.
   (c)   The Board shall meet promptly after its election and organization. A chairperson and secretary shall be elected. The secretary shall keep a complete record of the proceedings of the Board, which record shall be maintained as a permanent file.
   (d)    The Board may adopt rules necessary for the handling and processing of claims.
   (e)    The Board shall meet within five (5) days after receipt of a claim to consider the claim and, if satisfied with the validity of the claim, shall make a determination of the amount due and to become due and shall certify its determination to the State Fire Marshal for payment. The certificate shall show the name and address of the Board, the name and address of each beneficiary, the amount to be received by or on behalf of each beneficiary, and the name and address of the person to whom the payments shall be made. The Board may make a continuing order for monthly payments to become due to a claimant for a period not exceeding three (3) months from the date of the determination. The determination may be modified after issuance to reflect any changes in eligibility of the claimant.
   (f)    If the Board, after consideration of a claim, finds that the claimant has no right to benefits or that the claim is without merit, it shall deny the claim and issue notice of such action by delivering to the claimant a copy of the order, or by leaving a copy at the claimant’s place of residence, or by mailing to the claimant a copy thereof by registered mail.
(Ord. 12-2023. Passed 5-9-23.)