The provisions of this section shall be in addition to all other provisions, including fees for obtaining a building permit or Zoning Certificate required by the Zoning Code and Building Code of the Village
   Each application for a building permit shall be accompanied by not less than three copies of a topographical survey of the lot (scale: designated by the Village Building Inspector) prepared by a Registered Professional Engineer or a Registered Surveyor licensed by the State, which survey shall include but not be limited to:
(a)   Existing (natural grade) and proposed (finished garde) ground elevations:
(1)   Along the property line; and
(2)   At the building line; and
(3)   Twenty-five feet, plus or minus outside the property line; and
(4)   Next to adjacent structures; and
(5)   In the roadway ditch, if any; and
(6)   In the centerline of the street, and
(7)   At any other location necessary to depict the proposed grading; and
(b)   Placement of proposed building, showing size, distances to property lines and street right-of-way; and
(c)   Proposed footer elevation and first floor elevation; and
(d)   Designated permanent bench mark; and
(e)   Location and elevations of any swales, streams, or natural watercourses traversing or touching the property; and
(f)   Location of all utilities; and
(g)   Any other information relative to the proposed construction consistent with the objectives herein.
   If all of the in formation required herein is already shown on the architectural drawings of the structure, it will not be necessary to submit separate surveys.
   On an application for a permit for an accessory building or an addition to an existing building, the Building Inspector may waive the requirements for a topographical survey, if, in his opinion, such survey will serve no useful purpose.  Such waiver shall be in writing and a copy shall be filed with the application.
   The following fees for inspecting and establishing the grades shall be collected form the applicant for a building permit at the time the topographical survey required herein is submitted to the Building Inspector.
Each single-family residence
$ 85.00
Accessory building:
    Up to 400 square feet in floor area
    For each additional 100 square feet in floor area
Commercial and industrial buildings:
    For each 100 square feet of floor space
Minimum fee
Maximum fee
   The Village Engineer shall not commence checking the topographical survey until such fees have been paid.  The Building Inspector shall issue a receipt therefor to the applicant and pay over such fee to the Director of Finance.  All fees shall be credited to the General Fund.
   The Building Inspector shall refer surveys, drawings and other pertinent data to the Consulting Engineer appointed by the Village to check the grades for the property.
   The proposed grades shall be checked by applying the objectives and criteria established herein, together with due consideration of the finished grades of adjoining premises, the location of  public utilities in relation to the premises being improved, the contemplated use of the premises and the potential of undeveloped adjoining properties, if any, under applicable zoning regulations.  If the proposed grades do not conform to the requirements herein, then the Village shall establish or set the grades.
   Any person dissatisfied with the grades finally established or set by the Village, may appeal to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.
   Any owner, lessee, or occupier of land intending to perform substantial grading incidental to an open land use of the premises only, shall first make application to the Building Inspector. Such grading is subject to the requirements herein.
   The Building Inspector shall cause inspection to be made of all grading.  When the grading is found to be in violation, upon notice from the Building Inspector, all construction shall cease.  Failure to bring the property into compliance with this section within thirty days after such notice shall be deemed a fourth degree misdemeanor.
(a)   No person, firm or corporation intending to construct a building shall commence grading and digging without first having obtained a building permit.
(b)   No person, firm, or corporation shall perform substantial grading incidental to an open land use of the premises without first having obtained a building permit, limited to grading only, from the Building Inspector.
(c)   No person, firm or corporation having received a building permit or grading permit shall deviate from the grade prescribed or approved by the Village Engineer.
      (1978 Code Sec. 1274.03)