Ord. No.   Date      Description
1959-100   5-12-59   Establishes boundaries for Class A Single-Family District to include all of Lot No. 2 except for the easterly 650 feet; all of Lot Nos. 3 and 4, all of Lot No. 5 except for the northerly 100 feet thereof and all of Lot Nos. 6 to 13.
1962-10   6-19-62   Establishes a Class B Retail Business District to include all of Sublots 578, 579 and 580 in the Geauga Lake Orchard Co.'s allotment, as recorded in Volume 32, Page 72 of the Summit County Map Records.
26-1970   6-9-70      Establishes boundaries for planned development district to include parts of Lot Nos. 2, 3 and 4 and all of Lot Nos. 5 to 10 and part of Lot No. 11 in Tract 2, East.
19-1983   4-12-83   Rezones Aurora Shores Subdivision Blocks U, V and W from multi-family district to a single-family district.
39-1985   10-8-85   Rezones Lot Nos. 2 and 3 from Class A Single-Family District to a Planned Development District.
20-2005   10-25-05   A 176.39 acre tract from Class A Residential to Environmental Conservation Planned Development District.