1137.07  PROCEDURE.
   (a)   The Board of Zoning and Building Appeals shall act in accordance with the procedure specified by statute and this section.
   (b)   All appeals and applications made to the Board shall be in writing and on the forms prescribed therefor.  Every appeal or application shall refer to the specified provision of the ordinance involved, and shall exactly set  forth the interpretation that is claimed, the details of the variance that is applied for and the grounds on which it is claimed that the variance should be granted, as the case may be.  Every decision of the Board shall be by resolution, each of which shall contain a full record of the findings of the Board by case number under one or another of the following headings:
(1)   Interpretation.
(2)   Variances and all other documents pertaining thereto.
         (1978 Code Sec. 1270.11)