A.   Public Buildings: No person shall smoke in any village owned or leased public building or within twenty five feet (25') of a main entrance thereof at any time, including, but not limited to, the following:
      1.   Village municipal building, 217 Menasha Street.
      2.   Fire station, 100 Industrial Park Drive.
      3.   Fire museum, 522 Manitowoc Street.
      4.   Wastewater treatment facility and service buildings, 300 Mud Creek Road.
      5.   Firemen's park service buildings, 200 and 201 Park Street.
      6.   Athletic association concession stand, 301 Park Street.
      7.   Bubolz Park concession stand, 241 Elm Street.
      8.   Water tower and service building, 201 Manitowoc Street.
      9.   Well #5 service building, 205 Deerview Drive.
      10.   Storage shed, 201 Industrial Park Drive.
      11.   Any other village owned or rented building.
      12.   All village owned or leased motor vehicles.
   B.   Board Meetings: No person shall smoke while in attendance at any public meeting of the village board or in any of its authorized committees regardless of the location of the meeting.
   C.   Signs: It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, deface or destroy any legally required "No Smoking" sign. (Ord. 2010-6, 8-16-2010)