A.   All structures, lines, and equipment erected by the grantee within the village shall be so located as to cause minimum interference during construction with the proper use of streets, alleys, public utility easements, and other public ways and places and to cause minimum interference during construction with the rights or reasonable convenience of property owners, and the grantee shall comply with all reasonable, proper and lawful ordinances of the village now or hereafter in force. The grantee shall maintain the system so as to cause no interference with the public ways or places during operation of the system as described in state laws and regulations. Existing poles, posts, conduits and other such structures of any electric power system, telephone company or other public utility located in the village shall be made available to the grantee for leasing or licensing upon reasonable terms and rates and shall be used to the extent practicable in order to minimize interference with travel and to avoid unnecessary duplication of facilities. The village shall actively assist the grantee in obtaining reasonable joint pole or conduit use agreements from the owners of existing poles or conduits provided that the village incurs no cost or financial obligation in so doing. To the extent that existing poles, posts, conduits and other such structures are not available, or are not available under reasonable terms and conditions, including excessive cost or unreasonable limitation upon the use by the grantee's cable television system, grantee shall have the right to purchase, lease, or in any other manner acquire land, rights of way, or public utility easements upon or under which to erect and maintain its own poles, conduits and other such structures as may be necessary for the construction and maintenance of its cable television system.
   B.   In case of any disturbance by the grantee of pavement, sidewalk, driveway, or any other surfacing, the grantee shall, at its own cost and expense, replace and restore all paving, sidewalk, driveway, or surface so disturbed in as good condition as before said work was begun.
   C.   In the event that at any time during the period of this franchise the village shall lawfully elect to alter or change any street, alley, public utility easement, or other public way, requiring the relocation of the grantee's facilities, then, in such event, the grantee, upon reasonable notice by the village, shall remove, relay and relocate the same at its own expense.
   D.   Grantee shall have the authority to trim trees upon and overhanging all streets, alleys, public utility easements, sidewalks, and public places of the village so as to prevent the branches of such trees from coming into contact with the grantee's facilities.
   E.   All poles, lines, structures, and other facilities of the grantee in, on, over and under the streets, sidewalks, alleys, public utility easements and public grounds or places of the village shall be kept by the grantee at all times in a safe and substantial condition and in good order and repair. (Ord., 12-19-1983)