A.   The right is hereby reserved to the village to adopt, in addition to the provisions contained herein and in existing applicable ordinances, such additional regulations as it shall find necessary in the exercise of its police power, provided that such regulation, by ordinance or otherwise, shall be reasonable and not in conflict with the basic rights herein granted.
   B.   The board shall have the right to inspect and the grantee shall make available its books, records, maps, plans, and/or other materials of the grantee pertaining to the operation of said cable television system or any time during normal business hours, provided that thirty (30) days' notice shall have been given to the grantee as to what records are to be produced for such inspection.
   C.   The board may hold hearings on any matter pertaining to this franchise, and the grantee shall make available its representatives or agents for such hearing. The grantee will be given at least thirty (30) days' written notice of, and will have the right to attend, any village board meeting or public hearing pertaining to this franchise chapter or to the grantee's cable television operations. (Ord., 12-19-1983)