The grantee shall install such equipment and have the necessary equipment and personnel to maintain its facilities so as to assure efficient service, and it shall have the necessary equipment and personnel to make repairs promptly and interrupt service only for good cause and for the shortest time possible.
   A.   The company shall be responsible for adopting procedures for the investigation and resolution of complaints relating to the operation of the company's cable television system, and the village shall have no responsibility for the administration and implementation of such procedures. Notice of the procedures for reporting and resolving complaints will be given to such subscriber at the time of initial subscription to the cable system.
   B.   The community antenna, television and audio communication system will be so designed, engineered and maintained by the company so as not to interfere with the television reception of the residents of the village who do not subscribe to its service. Neither the village nor the company shall require the removal, or offer to remove, or provide any inducement for removal, of any potential existing subscriber's antenna as a condition of provision of services. (Ord., 12-19-1983)