A.   Determination: The village shall make preliminary determination of the amount of the per mobile home parking permit fee to be levied against a mobile home park, and shall give notice of hearing on said proposed parking permit fee to be held in the village hall where any interested person shall have an opportunity to be heard.
   B.   Posting Notice: The village clerk shall post a notice of said hearing in at least three (3) public places within the village, one posting of which shall be in a conspicuous place on each mobile home park property. At least one week shall intervene between the date of posting of such notice and the time of the meeting. The village may, at such meeting, or at an adjourned meeting, confirm or change the proposed parking permit fee and upon final determination of the amount of the parking permit fee shall post notice on each mobile home park property, stating the amount of the parking permit fee as finally determined.
   C.   Appeal: If the owner of any parcel of land affected by such determination feels himself aggrieved thereby, he may, within twenty (20) days after the date of posting such determination, appeal to the circuit court of the county, notice thereof to be served upon the village clerk, and by executing a bond to the village in the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) with two (2) sureties or a bonding company to be approved by the clerk conditioned for the faithful prosecution of such appeal and the payment of all costs adjudged against him. The clerk, in case such an appeal is taken, shall make a brief statement of the proceedings had before the board, with its determination thereon and shall submit the same with all relevant papers to the clerk of the circuit court. Such appeal shall be tried and determined in the same manner as cases originally commenced in the court. An appeal brought under this chapter shall not be construed to prevent, during the pendency of such appeal, the collection of any such monthly assessment currently or subsequently to become due.
   D.   Exclusion: This section shall not apply where a mobile home park is owned and operated by any county under the provisions of section 59.07(13)(b), Wisconsin statutes. (1968 Code § 2.09)