The administrative citation shall be on a form approved by the city manager and shall include the following:
   A.   Date and location of the violation(s) and the approximate time the violation(s) were observed and/or discovered;
   B.   Section(s) of this code violated and description of how the section(s) are violated;
   C.   Description of the action required to correct the violation(s);
   D.   Statements to require the violator(s) to immediately correct the violation(s) and to explain the consequences of failure to correct the violation(s);
   E.   Amount of fine imposed for the violation(s);
   F.   Explanation of how the fine shall be paid and the time period by which it shall be paid, and the consequences of failure to pay the fine;
   G.   Rights of appeal;
   H.   Signature of the enforcement officer; and
   I.   Notation of whether the citation was served, posted or mailed, and address where served, posted or mailed. (Ord. 2013-003, 6-25-2013)