A.   Discharge Of Substances: Unless expressly authorized or exempted by this chapter, no person shall cause or allow the discharge to a public right of way or public storm drain system of any substance that is not composed entirely of stormwater.
   B.   Disposing Of Materials: Unless expressly authorized or exempted by this chapter, no person shall use, store, spill, dump, or dispose of materials in a manner that those materials could cause or contribute to the addition of pollutants to stormwater.
   C.   Exemptions: The following discharges are exempt from the prohibitions set forth in subsections A and B of this section:
      1.   Discharges authorized by a separate NPDES or RWQCB permit.
      2.   The following categories of nonstormwater discharges are permissible unless otherwise prohibited under subsection C3, C4, or C5 of this section:
         a.   Water line flushing,
         b.   Landscaping irrigation,
         c.   Diverted stream flows,
         d.   Rising ground waters,
         e.   Uncontaminated ground water infiltration as defined in 40 CFR 35.2005(b)(20),
         f.   Uncontaminated pumped ground water,
         g.   Discharges from potable water sources,
         h.   Foundation drains,
         i.   Air conditioning condensation,
         j.   Irrigation water,
         k.   Springs,
         l.   Water from crawl space pumps,
         m.   Footing drains,
         n.   Lawn watering,
         o.   Individual residential car washing,
         p.   Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands,
         q.   Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges,
         r.   Discharges from emergency firefighting activity, or
         s.   Any other activity that the director identifies is not a significant contributor of pollutants during the city of Reedley's NPDES stormwater discharge permit for small MS4s' permit term.
      3.   No person shall discharge to public storm drain system any exempted discharge under this subsection if the public works manager or assigned designee identifies and provides written notice to the person that the discharge has the potential to be a source of pollutants to receiving waters, waterways, or ground water.
      4.   No person shall discharge to the public storm drain system anything that would result in or contribute to a violation of the city's NPDES stormwater discharge permit for small MS4s. Liability for any such discharge shall be the responsibility of the person causing or responsible for the discharge.
      5.   No person shall establish, use, maintain, or continue any connection to the public storm drain system which has caused or is likely to cause a violation of this section. This prohibition is retroactive and shall apply to any connection that was made in the past, regardless of whether it was made under permit or other authorization, or whether it was permissible under the law or practices applicable or prevailing at the time of the connection. (Ord. 2008-07, 11-12-2008)