In order to implement and facilitate the effectuation of the redevelopment plan hereby approved and adopted, it is found and determined that certain official actions must be taken by the city council with reference, among other things, to changes in zoning, the vacating and removal of the streets, alleys and other public ways, the establishment of new street patterns and location and relocation of sewer and water mains and other public facilities and other public action and, accordingly, the city council hereby:
   A.   Declares its intention to undertake and complete any proceedings necessary to be carried out by the city under the provisions of the redevelopment plan; and
   B.   Requests of the various officials, departments, boards, commissions and agencies of the city having administrative responsibilities with respect to the project likewise to cooperate to such end and to exercise their respective functions and powers in a manner consistent with the redevelopment plan. (Ord. 759, 7-16-1991)